Project Management

Getting to Know Your Project

We firmly believe the construction of your home starts with the relationship established between you, the homeowner, and your designer and contractor. We begin to understand your project by asking key questions that help us learn how best to serve you. This step usually involves a phone conversation and one or two meetings in your home or at our office. Once we understand the scope of work and your investment range, we will deliver a written proposal. For very simple jobs, we may write a specification and go directly to a construction contract.
Fee: Complimentary

Feasibility Study

While not necessary on every project, on major remodeling projects such as additions, a feasibility study is necessary to determine whether the project can be executed as requested. The details of your existing space will be documented by taking field measurements and photographs. This analysis informs the foundation for plans, what features will be included and your estimated investment range. We also investigate building and zoning restrictions that may apply, create rough drawings of the space and outline a scope of work including probable finish materials in order to deliver an estimate.
Fee: Approximately 2% of projected estimate

Letter of Intent

Once we have mutually agreed to move forward with your project, the fun really begins! Our interactive design process brings floor plans to life using computer renderings that are presented in your home or in our office. Next, the specifics of your project are entered into our project management software, BuilderTREND, and a design calendar is established. Then we work with you to select products and finishes, shaping your ideas to fit your vision and submit permits on your behalf.
Fee: Approximately 5-7% of projected estimate

Fixed-Price Contract

After we understand your project and investment, we create a fixed-price contract based on the information gathered from the previous steps. From there, you will receive an approximate start date and project calendar viewable in BuilderTREND. We will begin working on engineering, order long lead-time materials and secure any necessary permits.
Fee: A deposit is collected

Construction Begins

Your team will get started with a pre-construction meeting at your home. We will discuss expectations during remodeling and any special considerations including, but not limited to family schedules, the safety of children, pets, and visitors to your home. The project schedule is always viewable via BuilderTREND and our Production Manager will review it with you weekly. Our personnel will respect your home, keep it clean at the end of the day and maintain safety with a minimum of disruption and inconvenience.