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Thanks for visiting. If you desire a custom residential remodeling solution and are a discerning homeowner that values meticulous craftsmanship, you’re in the right place. Please take a look at our portfolio of work, check out our team and request a complimentary consultation. Whether you're seeking to complete a home addition, kitchen remodel, bathroom renovation or upgrade your home in some other way, we’re looking forward to delighting you with the results.

Our Portfolio Of Work:

Home of the 10-Year Limited Warranty

We’re so committed to providing excellent customer service and craftsmanship, that we’re proud to provide you with a 10-Year Limited Warranty. We want it to be easy for you to understand your rights under this limited warranty and obtain service when necessary. The foundation of the McAdams Remodeling & Design service policy is our commitment to be your best home improvement alternative now, and in the future.

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Our Services Include:

40th Anniversary Video

Remodeling Woes are Real

We attempt to minimize the disruptions and challenges for our clients as much as possible by protecting the rooms staying intact, keeping our clients apprised of the schedule, and possible dates that they may need to relinquish the house, and general...

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Make Your Design Time Count

To help your design process be as efficient as possible, it's helpful to know what questions you should discuss with other decision makers in your family, prior to your design meeting. ...

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Cost vs. Value Report 2018

If you're curious about what a remodel could cost, and want an objective source, this cost-vs-value report might help. ...

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The Waiting Game

Sometimes the hardest part of a remodel is waiting for things to happen. Read on to see items that can take some time to receive prior to starting construction....

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"I am always impressed with their fairness and their willingness to do whatever it takes to make sure the client is happy. Their lead carpenters are both skillful and interface well between the subs and the homeowner. The best thing about them is they have had their key team members for a long time, I think an average of 17 years or so for many of them. That gives a stability and dedication to the long range vision that most companies just don't have. "

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