Universal Design Remodeling

Universal Design Remodeling is creating a space that works for you and your family currently and in the future. Typically Universal Design is defined as building an environment that is accessible by you and others regardless of your physical limitations or disability1. Don’t get caught thinking that Universal Design principles are for those nearing retirement age though, rather, they can be helpful for those in many stages of life.

For Kids. Little people are often the last people we consider in a design, but yet can be the hardest on the home. Little tips and tricks can help a child to function autonomously as well as reduce energy used.

Special Needs. Whether you or a family member are in a wheelchair, have a unique physical need, have impaired vision or require a specific design to help them with daily life, we can help.

Aging-in-Place. If you’re planning to stay in your home rather than move to a retirement or assisted living facility as you age, there are many tools that can be implemented during a remodel to make a future aging in place transition easier than ever before.

We’re here to help you create the perfect space for today and in the future that combines beauty, comfort and optimal function so that you can enjoy the house you’ve worked hard to make a home.

Let’s discuss your needs today.

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