Woodinville Second Story Kitchen Addition

When clients Mandy and Tony called us in, they knew they needed more space in their Woodinville home, including a center for family activities. They thought a kitchen addition might just be what they needed. As an avid cook, Mandy had very specific requests for her kitchen work space, including daily use of a very hot wok and a special burner on the island as well as a very efficient exhaust fan. She was also tired of being cut-off from everyone while cooking.

The McAdams Remodeling & Design team made Mandy’s atypical requirements part of her custom design, so that when it came to installing these unique items into the kitchen, there were no surprises when it was time to install the equipment. It works flawlessly! The family loves their new space immensely. Mandy especially enjoys being able to interact with her children while she is busy in the kitchen as well.

Some of the family’s favorite features in this kitchen addition, is that the new design takes advantage of a sunny southern exposure at the rear of the home, using glass block windows, allowing for more daylight and complementing their existing windows and skylights. The bright cheerful space serves them well for casual dining, homework, playing games and other family activities.