West Seattle Total Rebuild and Renovation

Len McAdams was pleased to hear from favorite return clients Ivan and Jean. Their property has a magnificent Puget Sound view but the existing home was in poor condition. Having lived there for many years, and raised their family there, they hoped to be able to age in the home, but also provide an opportunity for resale later. Len recommended a whole house remodel since much of the home needed significant repair.

Working with Designer Elaine Greggs, Ivan, Jean, and Len studied several preliminary schemes before the “right” design evolved. The resulting whole house remodel plan includes period-based elements to fit with the surrounding neighborhood, combined with modern conveniences, and a sophisticated silhouette. Classic eaves, wood detailing and gently arched windows lend comfort and style to the completely remodeled home.

After completing the whole house remodel, the clients are thrilled with their instant hot water heating system, 40-year roof, gourmet kitchen and more. While it’s hard to pick a favorite feature, the best part for Jean is still when the family gathers at the kitchen table that overlooks their beautiful view.

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