Kitchen Island Upgrade

Nothing can replace a good island in a well-designed kitchen renovation. It provides additional workspace, storage, and can even add a pop of color for in-the-know homeowners. Here are some top island upgrades to consider:

  • Lots of seating – use it as a breakfast bar and/or a place where guests can sit and chat while you’re preparing food during a party. Ample seating is always a worthwhile investment.
  • Double-sided storage – the kitchen island is the perfect place to maximize storage possibilities. Whenever possible we recommend cabinets on the back side of the island (under the seating area) as the perfect spot for low-use items that need a home.
  • Outlets – don’t forget to include them on your kitchen island. Building codes will determine your minimum/maximum outlet requirements, but being able to run small appliances, your laptop, or charging your phone is a no brainer. We always encourage clients to include drawer outlets, especially if clutter free countertops are a priority.
  • Secondary refrigerator – the kitchen island is the perfect spot for a beverage refrigerator. Family members and guests can easily grab a drink without disrupting the cook in the family or taking up valuable primary frig space.
  • Microwave drawer – a good accessibility option, a microwave in the island design allows for use without being in the main cooking space.
  • Durable countertop – we like engineered quartz. It can handle heat and is stain resistant. There are other material options to consider but be sure your choice will perform well for your primary uses (cooking, meal prep, heated dishes, homework, coloring, etc.) for optimal satisfaction.
  • Prep Sink – even a small prep sink can work wonders in the overall function of a kitchen by allowing two people to work comfortably in the kitchen without disturbing each other. No more dripping water on the floor after washing vegetables and carrying them to the chopping block – a prep sink will allow you to wash and chop in the same workspace.
  • Pull-out trash and recycling bins – especially if you intend to use your kitchen island as your main workspace, incorporating pull-out trash, recycling and food waste receptacles is a great option. It keeps them handy but out of sight and helps contain odors. One of our favorite perks of this design choice is the ability to wipe crumbs from the counter directly into the waste receptable. Game changer!
  • Personality – a little more subtle than our previous suggestions, this is all about you. Do you have pets you want incorporated into your kitchen design? The kitchen island is a great place to include a pet feeding station with on-demand water – the whole family can eat together! Or if you want a place for cookbook storage, special storage for your pottery collection, or maybe a wine rack, this is the place to include it.