Spring Outdoor Home Tasks

May has us itching to get the party outside! The question is, is your home ready? If you aren’t on top of it yet, here’s what you should focus on this month:

  • Check the deck. Loose boards are unsightly and can be a liability when you have guests over. Look for nail pops and raised screws and get them fixed. Depending on when you last stained the deck, consider a refresh.
  • Refresh your exterior. Look around the exterior of your home for any signs of wear on your siding. Remove any encroaching foliage as it can offer pests a way into your home. Finally, if the siding or fence is in need of new paint or stain, line up a reputable painter.
  • Service your A/C. We’ve already gotten a little taste of the heat of summer so now is the time to be sure your air conditioning unit is ready for what’s coming. Change the air filters if you haven’t recently and get your favorite technician out to ensure your HVAC system is ready for the heat.
  • Prep outdoor irrigation. Ensure that sprinkler heads are unimpeded and ready for operation. If the insulation covers are still on your outdoor faucets, it’s now safe to put them away until fall. Also check your hoses to be sure they’re in good shape for the season.
  • Wash the windows. Sideways rain, dirt and pollen wreak havoc on windows through the darker months. Now that it’s brighter and our daylight lasts longer, you can see the marks and smudges and so can your guests. Get on your favorite window washer’s list for service or break out the squeegee and tackle this spring task.
  • Pressure wash. Airplane residue, moss and mildew are all things you might find on your deck, patio, and surrounding areas. It’s amazing how much brighter a concrete patio looks after a good cleaning.
  • Ceiling fan swap. The direction of your ceiling fan might need to be changed. One direction helps pull warm air up and move it around the room, while the other way can help push cooler air down – the direction of choice for this season. To learn more about this concept, check it out here.
  • Lawn maintenance. This is a good time to aerate, fertilize and reseed your lawn while rain and mild temperatures are still in the forecast.