2024 Home Refresh: Little Ways to Make a Big Impact

You may be thinking about doing a remodel this year but aren’t quite there yet, however you know you want to revitalize your space with the start of the new year. Here are some quick ways to make your home feel refreshed while you plan for your bigger project.

  • New pillows and blankets. Bring a pop of color and change the whole feel of a room with new sofa pillows, a throw blanket and area rug.
  • Seasonal mood lighting. Embrace the dark and get yourself some candles and new lamps to use this winter. They’ll set the stage for a cozy, warm room during the darker season.
  • Focus on the entryway. It’s the first impression given of your home, so it’s a good place to make a change. Update the paint color, install a new light fixture, or choose a new entry table to make your home feel brand new.
  • Embrace your inner artist. Select a new painting for your bedroom to give it a whole different feel. Especially if the piece is something that really speaks to you, this can start and end your day with joy.
  • Change your layout. It’s amazing what moving your furniture around can do. If you’ve had your living room in a specific layout for the last year, consider rotating things around for a new perspective. Especially if you’re reticent to change, be sure to try them for a couple of weeks to really see what you think before moving them back.

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