Brighten Your Exterior

Having an exterior lighting plan is not just good aesthetics, but also great for improving home safety. Obviously choosing a light that you like the look of, and that fits the style of your home is important. We also suggest you consider:

  • Light dark corners. If you’re investing in new outdoor lights, make sure you’re addressing any gaps in light around your home that could affect your safety.
  • Choose motion sensor models. There are many models that can be set to turn on when the sensor is triggered. This can dissuade would-be burglars or unwanted animals from being in your yard.
  • More energy efficient models may be available depending on when your existing light was installed.
  • Add more lights where you see opportunity for improvement. You may notice underlit areas of your yard that you’d like to address when undertaking a full exterior lighting plan with a remodel. Have a gorgeous flower bed? Add lights to highlight this feature.
  • Consider lighting your pathway to ensure your guests can access your front door safely day or night.
  • Are your house numbers visible? If not, an exterior lighting plan should include improved visibility so that visitors and emergency personnel should not have trouble finding your home.
  • Solar powered options are great, even in our climate. They save on electricity and typically light up as it gets dark, eliminating unnecessary usage.
  • Choose to include timers with your lights so that you don’t have to come home to a dark house, instead set it and forget it.

As with most home plans, we recommend at least a consultation with a professional who can guide you into creating a thorough and complete exterior light plan.

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