Check Your List Twice

Just like the bearded guy that comes in December, Mother Nature can provide presents of her own. Focus on these December home maintenance tips to ensure the gifts you receive in December are ones you want.

  1. Disconnect hoses and cover faucets – Freezing temperatures will quickly crack a hose if left attached, since often there is residual water remaining. Removing and draining any excess water and storing for the winter is your best course of action. Then, cover the faucet with an insulation cover to help avoid frozen pipes this winter.
  2. Evaluate trees for hazards – Nothing can put a damper on the holidays like an errant branch dropping in for a visit. Ensure branches are trimmed away from the house and have an arborist check out dead trees for fall risk.  If snow makes an arrival, and branches look heavy, use a broom to knock off excess snow to avoid damage of anything below.
  3. Winter storm prep – It never hurts to be prepared. Have fresh batteries, canned food and water ready in case a winter storm renders a grocery store trip a hazard. Make sure your emergency kit is stocked with bandages and necessary medications.
  4. Locate and address drafts – If you feel cold air around your windows, you may need to check the seals or consider replacing altogether. Drafts around the door also can mean that a seal replacement is in order. If you’re light on insulation in the attic, now’s the time to get more, you might just see your heat bill reduce.

Then sit back, relax, look at lights and sip some hot cocoa. You’re ready for whatever Mother Nature sends your way.

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