Closets That Make You Go Hmmm…

A good walk-in closet makes you sigh when you enter…not because it’s messy, but because it so cleverly provides a solution for your clothing storage that it makes you happy. We use closets every day and the frustration is real when they aren’t functional. Our team has created a list of things to consider when working on a master suite remodel and focusing on designing your closet:

His & Hers – you know what’s better than a well-designed closet? Two well designed closets! If you have the space, do it. Each one can be personalized to individual specific needs and everyday use.

Shoe Storage – fido can’t chew your shoes if they’re put away in a designated location. Lazy Susan shoe racks or a floor to ceiling shoe display are two ideas to consider, and both provide both a functional and attractive design.

Seating – if you’ve got the space, make it comfortable. Have a place you can sit to put on your shoes or rest and even to read a book. Consider it an alternative option for creating a sitting room in a master suite as it can be more private.

Lighting – a beautiful space is of no use if you can’t see what outfit you’re choosing. Overhead lighting along with task lighting is ideal in a closet area, and undercabinet lighting is also a good choice depending on your design for both aesthetic and safety purposes.

Furniture Cabinetry – gone are the days where a closet organizer must be ugly. Beautiful cabinetry is now available to take your storage needs to the next level.

Clever Storage Solutions – it’s amazing what can be done when you have design experts that are utilizing every square inch of a space with your personal storage needs in mind. Room to store luggage behind the everyday use area and built-in jewelry storage are just a couple of requests our clients have made in the past.

Laundry – not only do you need dirty laundry storage, you also need the washer and dryer nearby. The master closet is a natural solution and can streamline the chore.

Office Niche – as strange as it sounds, if the space is available, use it! An office niche in a closet area will ensure privacy while providing a natural sound barrier and convenience.

Finally, ensure your space has a mirror so that you can see yourself in all your fabulousness. You shouldn’t have to run in to another room to check yourself out. Also, consider what other things would make the ultimate start to your day – coffee ensuite anyone? The choices are endless, they just require the appropriate budget and design.

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