Creating a Restful Bedroom

Most of us love a good night’s sleep. What if we told you a well-thought out bedroom design can contribute to making rest easier? It’s true, a few design components can offer a restful night:

  1. Clear clutter – if you’re overwhelmed by stuff, chances are, relaxing for the evening is going to be difficult. Instead, choose a nightstand that will contain clutter, leaving only a book and a place for a cup of tea or water out. Baskets can be a reasonable way to contain the detritus that daily life offers without having items strewn about before you’ve had an opportunity to put them away.
  2. Lavender scent – if you’re going to have scented items in your home, choose lavender! Lavender can help your muscles relax, reduce anxiety and promotes deep-wave sleep. A candle on your bedside, scented lotion or even an oil-diffuser can be a great way to set your sleep stage.
  3. Bedding materials – the right weight bedding can make a huge difference in sleep. If you’re too cold or if scratchy materials are impeding your comfort, get rid of them. Choose breathable sheets, either soft and cozy, or crisp, whichever you prefer.
  4. Bedtime rituals – this can be half the battle to a restful night. If sipping tea, relaxing in a bubble bath, or reading a book sets you up for slumber, do it!
  5. Color palette – Blue is the top color for promoting sleep as it promotes calm. Light yellow lends itself to happiness, whereas shades of orange relaxes muscles. Paint your walls or decorate with colors that give you calm and happy thoughts before you drift off.
  6. Limit electronics – it’s well known that blue light from tech devices can affect sleep and rev the brain. Instead of choosing an e-reader before bed, opt for a physical book. TVs in bed are considered a sleep and romance no-no, and timers for wi-fi can help remove sleep impediments.
  7. Clean the air – most of us sleep great after a long day outside. Sure, exercise helps, but it’s also an increase in fresh air. Open the window when the weather allows to refresh your bedroom, keep plants that help to clean the air, and purchase an air purifier that will help remove dust, pollen and other unwanted items.
  8. Black-out blinds – it’s crazy how sensitive some of us are to ambient light. Black-out blinds are great for reducing unwanted light that standard curtains can’t cut.
  9. Lower the thermostat – while you don’t want to be cold, a lower temperature in the bedroom helps with optimal sleep. Somewhere between 60 to 67 degrees is ideal.

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