Creating a Restful Primary Suite

We can all agree that comfort is typically a main element when remodeling your home. In a primary suite comfort, quality sleep, and of course beauty are the outcomes our clients are looking for. So, what are the top elements of an ideal primary suite? Here’s what we think:

  1. A good bed and mattress. You may have a beautiful primary bedroom, but your rest will be affected if your mattress is old or uncomfortable. According to, the average life of a mattress is between 7 and 10 years, so if yours is past that point it may be time for a new one. Since you’re spending the money to upgrade your space anyway it may be worthwhile to include additional investment in a great mattress, quality bedding or a new bed if necessary.
  2. The right paint. Love bright and bold colors? Great, but the bedroom may not be the best place for them. We recommend choosing a mellow tone instead. Consider something from the blue, green or neutral color family. Most of the major paint brands, such as Benjamin Moore, have recommendations for bedroom colors.
  3. A varied lighting plan. We recommend ambient, task and accent lighting for the different purposes the bedroom serves.

Ambient: this type of lighting allows enough illumination for cleaning, folding clothes, or making the bed. Natural forms of ambient light are found in large windows or skylights. Flush-mounted light fixtures and chandeliers are also great options.

Task: needed for more focused tasks like reading, working, and grooming. Often lamps and bedside sconces are good sources if sufficiently high powered for sustained concentration.

Accent: primarily a feature light for artwork or the like. In the bedroom however recessed lighting can serve as accent lighting, especially if it’s dimmable. Lowered recessed lights are great for gradually settling down for the night or for easing into the day.

  1. A sufficient bathroom and closet. Neither must be large, but an efficient, customized bathroom and closet design are important in a primary suite. Don’t feel you have to include elements you won’t use in the bathroom. If you’re a shower person, choose an expansive one rather than making room for a bathtub. Or, if you love leisurely soaks, be sure to include room for a comfortable bathtub in your design. In the closet, organizational tools should be specific to your needs – if you have a lot of shoes, ensure the closet design can accommodate them. Similarly, customized storage solutions are available for your handbags, jewelry, watches, belt collections, and even luggage storage.
  2. A comfortable seating area. We firmly believe a primary suite should be a retreat that includes a place to relax quietly at the end of the day. Whether a small sofa in an indoor nook or a small outdoor balcony, pleasures await you in a private area to enjoy your favorite book or a nightly beverage.

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