Creating a Zen Space in Your Home

We think most everyone would agree that finding small bits of peace in our world is much needed, and we like the idea of carving out that space in your home to create a sanctuary that could be used daily. The first step is to determine what brings you peace or pleasure. Is it silence? Is it yoga? Is it a few minutes to read? Once you’ve determined what would provide you with your Zen, then you can figure out how to create it in your home. Following for your consideration are a few common denominators in most Zen dens:

Be Minimal. This little piece of Zen should be the one space in your home that doesn’t include any clutter and one which remains tidy at all times. You don’t need a lot of things, just enough for what your goal is in the space, such as a blanket or a book.

Include Nature. House plants can improve air quality in your Zen space and be a calming influence. The same can be said of a lovely view of nature.

Use Aromatherapy. Diffuse your favorite essential oil or opt for a candle with the scent of your choice. These can elevate your mood and help your mind focus on the present.

Feature the Right Light. Soft or natural light would be ideal in a Zen space. A lamp or dimmable switch will provide you with the perfect light regardless of time of day.

Choose Comfort. Avoid choosing a space in a cold or unfinished area of your home that will discourage you from wanting to spend time there. Choose a cozy spot instead that will give you the comfort you crave.

Be Fully Equipped. Be sure the space you’ve set up contains the items you need to immediately take advantage of the calm you’ve created, rather than having to search for your favorite items every time you want to enjoy your Zen zone.

Go Neutral. Neutral wall-colors and décor can bring an immediate calm to a space.

Avoid Disturbances. Avoid setting up your space in a room where items like a TV or laptop might get you thinking about your to-do list. You want your space to be distraction free.

Whether you set up your Zen den on your patio, in a corner of your bedroom or some other location, the important part is that you set the stage for a calm and cozy few minutes.

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