Creating the Best First Impression

Much like a job interview, we know that we only have a few minutes to make a good first impression of our home, beyond the initial curb appeal. We’re aware that for the first few minutes someone is in our space they’re evaluating our design style, noting the organization (or lack thereof), and learning a lot about us and the way we live. What does your home say about you? Before you start to hyperventilate, here are a few tips for nailing that initial impression.

  1. Contain the clutter – shoes, gloves and coats overflowing at the entry of a home gives off a claustrophobic vibe. Make sure you limit the number of jackets in your entry and provide baskets to contain shoes for both occupants and guests.
  2. Maintain the finishes – while we advocate routinely painting and managing the upkeep of your entire home – this is a particularly critical spot to keep the paint and trim looking fresh. Also, be sure to regularly disinfect heavily used knobs and switches, shake out the entry rug and keep the floor clean.
  3. Keep things well lit – light bulbs go out, but if you routinely keep extras on hand, you can replace them immediately and not dim that first impression. Similarly, choose an entry light that reflects your personal style.
  4. Upgrade your aesthetics – your welcome mat not only protects the floor, it also sets the stage to the entrance of your home. Similarly, a console table can hold commonly used items like keys, while also establishing the entry as its own specific space. A mirror will create extra light and can also make the space feel larger.
  5. Get the scale right. For instance, don’t place one small table in a large entryway. Instead, use art, tables and benches to make the space feel comfortable and nice.

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