Don’t Fall Behind

While not all of us are ready to embrace the cooler weather and darker evenings, fall is coming whether we like it or not, and with it comes a checklist of items to tackle this month in preparation for the change in season.

Clean your gutters – the leaves are turning and the rain is back, so now is the time to be sure your gutters are clean and ready for the winter. Use a scoop to get out leaves and twigs, then use a hose to wash away any remaining debris.

Check your seals – drafts in your home are often due to compromised window and door seals. Check around your windows for old or cracked seals and replace the weatherproofing as needed.

Service HVAC systems and fireplaces – the chill in the air is highlighting the change in the weather. Call you local HVAC service to have your system evaluated and serviced as necessary. Be sure to have your flue cleaned and your fireplace serviced as well so they’re in prime shape for colder evenings.

Tackle pruning – not everything should be pruned in the fall, however, these plants should be for optimal blooms in the spring.

Refresh your cleaning supplies – now is a good time to check your stock of cleaning supplies to be sure you have what you need on hand.  Throw out anything you don’t use and streamline what’s in your cleaning cabinet.

Finally, enjoy the last few weeks of nice weather while you can.

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