Don’t Under-rate Backyard Privacy

Have you sat in your backyard with the intent of relaxing or entertaining friends and then realized that all of your closest neighbors were doing the same? You quickly become conscious of just how close some of your neighbors are, and how much of your backyard they’re privy to. We think that outdoor living spaces are an extension of your home and entertaining space, and just like you don’t want your neighbors living with you, finding privacy options outdoors can be a great part of a good deck design.

  • Latice or Slatted Screen. A lattice or slatted screen can create the partial privacy you seek by visually blocking the view and yet not completely enclose you. Light will still come through and they are attractive to look at.
  • Hedges or Landscaping – This serves two purposes, it can create healthy air for your family and double as a privacy solution. It will require some patience if significant plant growth is needed before full privacy can attained. A quick note about solid hedges – they can be dense, so make sure you’re not blocking something you want to be able to see in an effort to gain a small amount of privacy. A simpler version of this would be to use large potted plants to block on-lookers view of your entertaining space.
  • Paneled Fencing – attractive and functional are two words to describe paneled fencing. It can be included on one side of an outdoor living space if one side of your home is being encroached upon more than the other. This can be tied into your deck design or be free-standing in your yard in lieu of a traditional fence.
  • Layered Materials. If sound is more of an issue in your backyard, certain materials can dampen noise more effectively than others. Metal, stone, brick and concrete absorb sound waves and if used together can create an unique and varied look to your outdoor entertaining space.

If you’re thinking a new deck or covered patio would be great for next summer, now is the time to start. Complete a request for acomplimentary consultation today!

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