Embracing Nature This Spring

The calendar may have flipped over to spring, but as usual here in the PNW Mother Nature will transition in her own good time. Since most of us are more than ready for the change in season, here are a few ways you can embrace Spring from the inside of your home:

Lighten up your meals. Fall and winter meal planning tends to embrace heavier, heartier meals for the colder months. Now that the season is evolving, you may want to bring in more salads, lighter dishes and even grilling if the weather allows.

Buy flowers. The weather might be dreary, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the new blooms. Support local farmers by finding a local flower stand or picking up a new palm at your favorite nursery.

New decor. A fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference. Or select new kitchen towels or placemats in a lighter color. If kitchen stools or other small furniture pieces need a refresh, consider replacing them with brighter versions that make you think of nature.

Grow herbs. Though small in stature, these can really bring the outside in. Many herbs will grow easily indoors and will give your cooking a nice punch of flavor.

Stock up on fresh fruit. You’ll see more seasonal fruit coming into grocery stores, so fill up your counter basket with your favorites. Not only are they a good, healthy snack, but they will also add color and beauty to your kitchen.

Adjust your thermostat. More natural light may warm up your home a little more than desired. Check your thermostat to make sure it’s programmed at temperatures that work for this time of year. Also don’t forget to open your windows to get fresh air when you can!

Lighten up the bed. Now is the time to remove that heavy blanket you put on the bed for fall and winter. While you’re at it, changing out the duvet cover to something floral and fun can be a great way to embrace spring in the bedroom.

Finally, on the days when the weather is cooperating, get outside! Enjoy your deck, patio, or a local trail and know that summer in Seattle makes it worth the wait.

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