Fall Lawn Maintenance Tips

If you love your lawn and are welcoming the rain so it can regain it’s lush, green appearance, you may be interested in what you should do this fall to ensure a healthy lawn, come spring.

  • Overseed. Mow your lawn so that it’s cut to its lowest setting. Bag the clippings, so that access to any bald spots or thin areas is easy. Rake the lawn to remove any debris or dead grass. This will loosen up the soil as well. Follow the instructions provided by your seed brand of choice and seed your entire lawn.
  • Fertilize. This is the best time to give your lawn some much-needed nutrients, now that regular watering and sun-scorching is not an issue. Apply a fertilizer after you’ve seeded for a greening of the existing grass and a jumpstart for the new seed.
  • Keep Mowing. Once you’ve completed the above steps, make sure you don’t ignore your lawn until spring. Mowing helps keep your lawn growing, though don’t cut it too low.
  • Rake Leaves. Don’t fret that you won’t have room in your yard waste bin, leaves are great (and free!) fertilizer for your flowerbeds. They’ll break down over time and even retain moisture, great for keeping flowerbeds or flowerpots hydrated.

Happy fall, y’all.

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