Feel at Home in a Temporary Living Space

Especially when embarking on a whole-house remodel, many of our clients opt to move out for the duration of the remodel. It’s not that they can’t be accommodated in their living space, but with so many spaces under construction, it can be difficult to maintain any type of normalcy. If you choose to move to a temporary living space during your remodel, consider the following to make your interim home comfortable.

Bring your non-negotiables. Whether it’s your child’s favorite toys or a cozy throw blanket, don’t leave behind the items that you use regularly and make your daily life comfortable.

Limit clothing choices. While a robust wardrobe is often desirable, in the case of a short-term living situation, closet space is usually wanting. Select wardrobe pieces that are flexible and  can help you put together several outfits without creating unnecessary clutter.

Ensure your temporary location has your most used appliances for maximum comfort. For instance, if you need a morning coffee or a green smoothie to start your day off right, make sure your temporary location has a coffee maker or blender that meets your standards.

Choose a furnished temporary living space to reduce the potential damage to your existing furniture, as moving it in and out of a temporary location is likely to cause some damage.

Personalize your space by adding items that will make you feel at home. Bring a few pictures of your family, a favorite throw pillow, and organizational items that will not only help keep the clutter at bay, but will also make you feel more at home.

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