Five Bathroom Features for Thoughtful Homeowners

It’s easy to think of a bathroom remodel as boring, especially since there haven’t been many advancements in the bathroom fixture arena. However, there are a few upgrades available that you might want to consider:

  • Ensure your space has sufficient light. If the bathroom is an interior room with no windows, consider adding natural light in the form of a skylight or solatube. Either can be a great enhancement, because the space will feel brighter and more spa-like, plus natural light is beneficial for makeup application.
  • Integrate well placed outlets for your hair dryer, curling iron or other appliances into storage locations like drawers and cabinets. This will allow for sufficient power for all of your needs and maximize the efficiency of your space.
  • Reducing counter clutter. If you don’t care for the clutter of a bunch of products on your countertop but still want them handy, a mirrored medicine cabinet can be a great compromise. Utilizing wall space is an effective way to keep these items organized and available, while not overloading your vanity.
  • In-floor heating is a client favorite for bathroom remodels. It can be placed under many different flooring choices, and having nice warm toes first thing in the morning is a huge benefit, one particularly appreciated during the winter months. Partner with a towel warmer and you’ll be in bliss, even on our cold, dark mornings.
  • Multiple showerheads are a great option for those that want a real at-home spa experience. Consider including body sprayers, a rain showerhead and/or a steam shower as possible options.

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