Get a Charge Without Zapping Space

With the increase in technology, comes an increase in charging needs for a variety of devices.  From cell phones to Alexa, to your favorite Bluetooth speaker, they all require the need to charge every so often. With careful planning, your home can have a thoughtful technology center without clutter and creating an eye sore.

  • Interior outlet – include an outlet within your drawer to ensure a clutter-free counter-top. We really like this clean look, but it would be wise to have a surge-protected option for spaces that will primarily be used for electronics.
  • Pop-up outlet – these outlets can be hidden when not in use, but popped out as needed, leaving a clean, flush look.
  • USB outlet or dedicated port – choose a dedicated spot for all of your devices that can be charged using both USB ports and pronged plugs.
  • Tilt out drawers – typically dead space, a tilt-out can provide a great storage option without utilizing space you would otherwise need.
  • Shallow cabinets and niches – like a medicine cabinet, a recessed cabinet can match the existing cabinetry, but exist in an area with limited space. If you include an interior outlet, this cabinet can house a variety of tech items not visible unless desired.

Whatever solution you desire, finding a charging solution for your tech toys is a good investment in a remodel.

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