Get Moving…At Home

More and more people are wanting their home to meet their daily needs. For many, a trip to the gym used to be part of their regular routine. Since that routine has been interrupted, maybe it’s time to think outside the box.

Unused Room
If you have an unused room, creating a home gym is a simpler and potentially less expensive project than a full remodel or adding on an addition. Put that unused space to work in the form of an exercise room that works best for you. The whole CrossFit genre was developed by people who were seeking a exercise regimen without the cost and space needs of traditional equipment. If you prefer the more traditional gym experience over CrossFit, you should be prepared to purchase items of your choice, which might include a treadmill, free weights, bench press, elliptical and perhaps even more. This can be a significant initial investment, so the room you put this equipment into should be retrofitted to support their weight. You should also consider any additional airflow requirements along with potential noise issues, and general wear-and-tear of your home.

Room Addition
If empty space is not available, you may want to add it in the form of a home addition. While there are many factors to consider with a home addition, for home gyms we suggest choosing an area away from bedrooms if possible, as early morning workouts can disrupt others’ sleep if the workout area is close to sleeping quarters. Also, be sure to select finishes that will wear well, and consider whether additional ventilation will be needed to keep the temperature right for you while working out.

Garage Conversion
If you have an unused bay in your garage, this might be a place you could transform into a gym.  If an unused bay isn’t an option, and your garage has a vaulted ceiling, you may be able to build the heightened ceiling out to add a gym space in the eaves. Either would give you an onsite gym, while keeping it outside of your home.

Regardless of which option makes the most sense for your home, family and budget, it’s important to understand what motivates you. You could have the nicest gym space around, but it doesn’t matter how nice or convenient it is if you aren’t using it. For example, if a workout buddy is what motivates you, be sure to design your space to accommodate at least two people. Another good idea is to consider what you like or don’t like about your commercial gym, and then address those items while personalizing your space.

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