Get Ready for Outdoor Summer Entertaining

Our summers are something to look forward to. The weather is warmer, the plants are in bloom, and it almost redeems those other nine months of less-than-stellar weather here in the PNW. Now is the time to get our outdoor spaces in shape so we can enjoy them to their fullest potential once summer officially kicks off. Here are our top seven tips for great summer entertaining:

  1. Mow the lawn, trim the hedges, pull the weeds and work on overall yard maintenance. It’s amazing what a difference a nicely manicured lawn can make.
  2. A few well-placed flowerpots will add a pop of color to boring entry ways, and new flowers in those flowerbeds will brighten up your yard.
  3. Bring out the deck furniture and have a wash party on your lawn. This will keep dust and grime off your guests’ backsides – and the lawn gets a quick watering!
  4. Figure out what makes you happy when you look outside and then have fun making that vision come to life. We love twinkle lights crisscrossing a patio, for example, and colorful lanterns in the tree branches.
  5. Do you enjoy dining alfresco? It doesn’t take much to make your table look attractive for guests while still making it functional. Set the stage with matching linens, blankets, and coordinating flowers.
  6. No covered patio? Create some shade with a large umbrella, overhang or removable tent.
  7. Clean the grill. After sitting most of the year, grills can be nasty. Give it a good scrub with a food safe cleaner and then burn off any remaining residue before grilling your favorite foods.

Happy Grilling!

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