Last Minute December Home Tasks

In our opinion, December is not the time to tackle big home tasks if you don’t need to. However, there are a few things that really should be done, and they’re well worth the few minutes they take to accomplish.

Cover your faucets. If you haven’t already, cover your exterior faucets for the colder season. It will help reduce the chance of frozen pipes during freezing temperatures.

Spruce up the guest room. Even if you aren’t hosting this year, it’s still a good time to evaluate your guest quarters and determine where you might want to upgrade by taking advantage of after-holiday sales.

Seal up air gaps. With the drop in temperature, you may notice certain areas of your home are colder than others. Pay attention to doors and windows where seals can fatigue, and where energy loss will be most noticeable.

Keep an eye on the trees. Add a little wind to our cold and wet temperatures and dead or dying trees can become a real problem. Snow can make heavy branches a real hazard as well. Pay attention to the trees in and around your property and address any concerns before problems occur.

Storm prep. We’re just beginning the winter season. Now is a good time to check your winter storm supplies to ensure you have appropriate canned food, batteries, flashlights and extra water on hand. If not, add these items to your next shopping list and replenish your stash.

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