March Madness Around the House

If you’re a fan of college basketball, you know March is where it’s at! In between games, take a few minutes to tackle the home version of March Madness to keep your place in good shape:

Inspect your roof. After this crazy winter of snow, rain and super cold temperatures, now is a good time to check out your roof to ensure that all is intact. Check for missing shingles and remove any moss that’s developed. We also suggest a quick look in the attic for leaks as these will be most obvious in the interior.

Spruce up your landscaping. Your yard is coming back to life after the freezing weather. Reseed and fertilize the grass as you add fertilizer to your garden soil and mulch where desired.

Check outdoor faucets. After the extremely cold temperatures that this season brought, we can take off any insulating covers now that the weather is regularly above freezing. Run the faucets to be sure everything is in good operating condition.

Walk your paths. Moss and algae grows on things in our moist climate. This can be especially dangerous on walking paths, stairs, decks, and patios. If you notice it, use an environmentally friendly cleaner and pressure washer to remove it before someone slips and gets hurt. If you have a wood deck or railing, look for any compromised boards and replace them before the outdoor season gets into full swing.

HVAC and A/C maintenance. If you had a warm house this winter, it means your furnace was working overtime to combat the cold outdoor temperatures, making now a good time to get the HVAC and A/C systems evaluated and maintained before the summer season kicks off.

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