Maximize Your View With Deep Bottom Drawers

It’s long been thought that the only way to maximize kitchen storage was to have both upper and lower cabinets in a kitchen; even one with a killer Puget Sound or mountain view. We’ve been hard-pressed to convince clients that doing away with upper cabinets and retaining their view in favor of full-extension deep bottom drawer cabinets are not only a great solution, but a smart choice!

The Pros:

  • Plate depth is not an issue. The average deep bottom drawer is 20 inches deep versus an upper cabinet depth of 10.5 inches. Many plates are 10.5 inches or larger in diameter and so are challenging to fit within a standard size upper cabinet.
  • Increased functionality. Our shorter clients really enjoy having deep lower cabinet drawers as it reduces the need for a step-stool in the kitchen. Taller clients will still appreciate a one-size-fits-all mentality for all people in their home.
  • Ideal for people of all abilities. With deep bottom drawers, arm strength or other limitations becomes less of an issue. Transitioning plates from the dishwasher to drawer or drawer to table is easier than ever before and a great Universal Design Remodeling solution.
  • Less plate chips. Drawer pegs can be installed within deep bottom drawers eliminating dish rattling and ensuring each type of dish, plate, bowl, etc. has their own space and won’t slide around when opened and closed.
  • Feels more open. Having fewer upper cabinets can really open up the kitchen and create a more entertainment-friendly room with the kitchen flowing into a dining room or living room with ease.
  • Easier to find things. No longer do you have to root around for that one item you’re seeking. Instead, with a full extension drawer, you can look down into the drawer and have the contents in view without having to search.

The Cons:

  • It’s a mind shift. Doing away with upper cabinets for many will be something they just can’t grasp.
  • You might have to wear shades inside. With less cabinetry blocking your view, you might find that sunglasses are required indoors with all that extra light!
  • No excuse for new dishes. With more space and less rattling of dishes, you might find that your dishes last so long, you might need to find a new excuse to replace your existing ones.
  • It’s a stacker’s paradise. More space can equal more stuff and deep bottom drawers are no different, but just because you can add more, doesn’t mean you should.
  • More expensive. While deep bottom drawers are more expensive than their upper cabinet counterpart, we think the efficiency and view are worth the cost.

How can you reduce the upper cabinets while maintaining or increasing overall storage capacity you ask? Easy! In many client kitchen remodels, original upper cabinets aren’t going to the ceiling initially, so when we create the new design, we recommend removing a soffit if one exists and adding an additional shelf for storage in the remaining upper cabinets. Combined with the more robust full-extension deep bottom drawer, you’re left with additional storage capacity and convenience.

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