Pant-Dropping Pantry

If you’d like a pantry that’s organized and could help you drop pant sizes, here are a few tips for setting yourself up for success this year:

  • Clear storage containers. They’re incredible visual reminders to ensuring you know what you’ve got on hand and that you won’t forget to restock when items are getting low.
  • Group like-items. Put oils with oils and beans with beans. You’ll know what you have and easily be able to tell if you’re missing something.
  • Make space. A cluttered pantry will leave you reaching for something else. If you’ve left enough space to see what you’ve got, you’re likely to make better food choices.
  • Use height. Put your most used items at the top of your pantry, closest to eye level. Least used foods can be at the bottom.
  • Pre-portion snack items. If you need grab-and-go items, package them up in advance for the week.
  • Spice Storage. Many of our clients opt for a built-in spice storage rack as it keeps spices together and organized.

Now, your pantry organization is on point, but you’re not sure what to include? Here are some handy ways to start making smart, healthy food choices and meals.

  • Skip the chips. Instead add some extra protein to your diet by keeping almonds and walnuts on hand. Chia, flax and hemp seeds can also add some protein with minimal effect to the final product.
  • Skip the sweets. If your sweet tooth strikes, it’s great to have fruit on hand. Apples and bananas do best not in the refrigerator, so these are a good easy-to-grab item to have stocked.
  • Add protein. Canned light tuna or salmon are great to have on hand for a quick sandwich and get your healthy omega 3s.
  • Add healthy grains. Brown rice, whole wheat or protein-based pastas, lentils and quinoa are great pantry choices for these.
  • Stock dried fruit and veggies. Dried mangos and strawberries are yummy and easy to have on hand. Unsweetened applesauce is high in fiber, and freeze-dried veggies are good for a quick snack or can easily be used in recipes.
  • Go flavorful. Good food choices don’t have to be bland ones. High quality spices can be good for the body, think turmeric, and sourced properly. Be wary of non-organic options as they may contain more than you’ve bargained for. Ginger, garlic and onions are great shelf-stable items that can be added to most dishes.
  • Satisfy your need for crunch. Popcorn can be popped from kernel to yummy snack in 90 seconds in the microwave, without any additives and is very satisfying with a punch of fiber.
  • Choose good oils. Avocado, olive and coconut oils are yummy and healthy oils to have on hand for cooking.
  • Low-sodium chicken and veggie broth. While the alternatives are also yummy, they can be loaded with sodium.

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