Pocket Doors – A Hidden Gem

It’s amazing how implementing a pocket-door into your room design can really make a difference. This design feature can free up valuable floor space, while still maintaining a room’s privacy. Often we suggest pocket doors to clients for bathrooms or closet. In both cases, the rooms are small enough already, without having to give up additional space for a swing door. Be warned, there are some downsides to pocket doors also.


  • Great in tight spaces where space is at a premium
  • They come in many different options, multi-panel, mirrored, various glass options, and architectural features
  • Can offer privacy when needed, and otherwise is tucked away, like in the case of a pantry or playroom.
  • They can offer more options for furniture placement, since the swing of the door is not an issue.


  • Sound still carries; eliminating some of the privacy offered by traditional door options
  • Light is more likely to show and escape around pocket doors
  • Smell is not contained as completely as an alternative door option
  • Opening and closing doors can be challenging for those with diminished dexterity.
  • Existing items within a wall will need to be moved to install a pocket door, so switches, electrical, plumbing, etc. are a consideration when implementing a pocket door into a wall.
  • Loud opening and closing of the door can be an issue

We also recommend the use of quality hardware, as skimping in this area can lead to frustration. Installation should be done by professionals, as it’s easy to have a hard-to-open door without proper installation techniques.

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