Pre-Design Meeting Prep

Rushing into a remodel is never a good idea. Not only can that be an expensive endeavor, but you want to ensure you’ve thought through all your needs including: how you use your house, and any limitations that may exist before getting started. The top questions we think you should be ready to answer are:

  1. How do you use the space? It’s important to understand how you use a space today and if there are issues you’d like to address during a remodel so that you’re getting the best design for your needs.
  2. Is there enough storage space? Whether we’re talking about storage in your hallway, bathroom or entry, what matters is that your prospective design encompasses the amount you need, relative to the space you have.
  3. What are your future plans? If you’d like to move in a few years, you have a growing family, or you plan to age in your home, these are all considerations that can be planned for or should be discussed while a design is developed, so that your investment is well-thought out and effectiveness maximized.
  4. What are your passions? Are you a wine connoisseur or whiskey aficionado? Is crafting a favorite hobby? A well-considered design can ensure that a design takes these enthusiasms into account and provides appropriate space to enjoy your favorite things without creating unnecessary clutter.
  5. What are your pain points? There may be solutions we can suggest addressing issues that you didn’t know could be fixed. Come with your complaints and be willing to discuss how they might be resolved.

It’s important to feel good about your home design, along with your remodeling professional. Happy Remodeling.

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