Preparing for Winter

We’ve already had one dip into freezing temperatures, so it’s time to start considering how to prepare your house for lower temperatures and wet weather. Put this list on your refrigerator and start working your way through it so you can be prepared for whatever inclement weather might come your way.

Disconnect garden hoses from the faucet and roll them up for winter. Hoses tend to retain a little water that could freeze and crack the lining of the hose or increase the pressure in your pipes.

Wrap uninsulated pipes on exterior facing walls to keep them from freezing. Burst pipes are no fun and can be stressful and expensive to fix.

Check the attic for proper insulation. If your home is hot in the summer but cool in winter, it may be time to evaluate whether your home has adequate insulation.

Store seasonal patio items away until spring. Unless you have a covered outdoor living area, chairs, tables and other summer accessories will most certainly get wet and possibly even moldy in the winter weather.

Stock up on firewood if you have a wood fireplace. Store it in a dry, protected place so that making a fire is a snap.

Buy shelf stable, non-perishable foods such as soup, chili, vegetables and even certain fruits to have on hand should the power go out.

Check and replenish your emergency kit. Fumbling around with a flashlight after the power has gone out is a recipe for disaster, especially with small kids around. Instead, be sure to have a well-stocked emergency kit in a dedicated spot to help make the inconvenience much less stressful.

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