Quick Tips for an Organized Bathroom

A well-designed vanity is priceless in our opinion, but if you’re searching for your organizational Zen without a full bathroom remodel, these tips can help!

  1. Empty everything.
  2. Sort by like-products and then relegate them to a keep, donate, or toss pile and deal with them accordingly.
  3. Take measurements of your now empty cabinets and drawers along with your largest products, so you’ll know what type of organizational solution will work best for your space. Baskets and bins can be practical here – but be sure to choose plastic ones for under sink storage due to the moisture risk.
  4. Be tough with yourself on what gets placed on the counter, since this is the most valuable space which can easily become a cluttered eyesore.

Once you’re done, you’ll find your space is easier to clean and the organization helps eliminate unnecessary waste in the form of lost products.

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