Quick Tips to Refresh Your Guest Space

Being away from home can be a real treat – or a little uncomfortable. Ensure your home feels like a little slice of heaven to your guests. Here’s what to do to have your guest room ready:

  1. Control the clutter. An obvious one, but key for helping even the most discerning guest to relax. Clutter can affect the nervous system and leave you feeling restless. Focus on creating a calm and clean retreat for your favorite guests.
  2. Good lighting. Just as in any well-functioning room, your guest room should have multiple levels of lighting. Recessed lighting along with bedside lamps are great, allowing your guests to utilize the intensity of light they prefer.
  3. Cozy bedding. Good thread count sheets are one thing, but soft blankets and cozy duvets are where it’s at. We suggest you leave a throw or two on a side chair in case your guest wants to snuggle in without getting into bed.
  4. Sweet smelling toiletries. This can be your opportunity to introduce your guests to your favorite products. Choose travel size versions to make this welcome gift a little more affordable.
  5. Thoughtful details. A sweet or salty treat on a side table is always nice. Leave a note with the wifi password, and a Bluetooth speaker in the room for use during their stay. Offer a few magazines or favorite books for reading in their downtime.

No matter what you do, being a thoughtful host will be appreciated. Have a great Holiday season!

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