Redesign With All in Mind

Most of us want to make our home accessible by all abilities or with a nod to future use as we age. As you’re remodeling, consider implementing wider than average doorways so that someone in a wheelchair or with other mobility challenges can move from room to room easily. Also, when selecting hardware for cabinets and doors opt for handles over knobs. Switches of all types are better for those in wheelchairs if placed at a lower height.

Multi-level countertops and multi-functional grab bars are good considerations in both kitchen and bathroom designs. Carpets, unless they are low pile, can be a tripping hazard and so other flooring options like wood, vinyl or tile may be a smarter choice. Consider placing appliances such as the microwave in lower rather than high cabinets. Drawers are the preferred storage option for kitchens as they minimize heavy lifting. Finally, curbless showers are great in the primary bathroom.  Add a bench seat and an adjustable height faucet and you’ve created a functional and beautiful bathing solution for a variety of needs.

If we can help with your remodeling needs for all abilities, we’re happy to discuss customizable solutions for your family.

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