Retaining Home Value with Pet Ownership

We love friendly client pets. They’re typically happy to see us and a great way for us to start the day. Pet ownership can take a beating on your home though. If you aren’t performing regular tasks to counteract the damage, it can really show. Especially post-remodel, we recommend you consider the following to keep your home in prime shape:

  • Reduce pet smells – regular pet baths and a pet bed that’s washable should reduce the risk of pet smells in your home. Vinegar and baking soda are both good for eliminating odors.
  • Monitor Air Quality – The typical home will find that their air system will suck up for pet hair than ever thought possible. Regular filter changes will ensure that the system isn’t bogged down by fur. An air purifier may be helpful for those with family members that are pet-sensitive.
  • Wipe Paws – A fair amount of dirt, grime and water can be avoided if you train your furry friend to stop at the door and do the obligatory paw wipe. This should help save your floors and reduce the wet dog smell.
  • Buy slip covers for furniture – If you have a pet that loves to be on the furniture, it’s a good idea to use a throw blanket or slip cover so that you can easily wash out any stains or smells.
  • Put a plastic mat under food and water bowl – especially with hardwood floors, an exuberant eater can quickly scratch new hardwood floors, leaving a lasting mark. An inexpensive mat can keep those scratches at bay, although unless you move the mat/bowls every so often, discoloration can occur as the floors will naturally darken over time due to natural light and the covered spot, will remain the same. Opting for tile flooring is a hardier option to consider.
  • Clean your litter box daily – slacking on litter box cleaning can cause our feline friends to choose to relieve themselves in other, less desirable (for us) locations. Nothing ruins flooring and fabric faster than that!
  • Perform regular yard maintenance – quickly pick up after your pet after they’ve left a deposit in the yard. Dog urine can also leave burn-like stains in the grass, and ruin the look of a well-kept lawn. A PH-level check and subsequent changes can help this issue. If you have a digger, consider ways to deter that behavior from your pet friend.

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