Roof Replacement – What You Need to Know

Clients frequently ask us to replace their roof as part of a large remodel or addition. It’s as good as time as any to tackle the task. While a roof replacement is not the most gratifying change in your home, it certainly can improve your curb appeal. It’s not a shiny new appliance or a new exterior paint job, but a quality roof does protect your home from inclement weather and wear. While a new roof can be expensive, it is worth the investment. The question really comes down to if you need one and what options to consider.

When Do you Need One?
It’s old. A typical asphalt roof will last 20 to 30 years. If your roof is nearing or past 25 years, you should consider replacing it.
It’s worn. If your shingles are missing, curling or cracked, and there’s no texture left to your roof, it’s time to start looking into a replacement.
It’s leaking. If an inspection of your attic shows areas where light or water are seeping through, it’s time to get a new roof ASAP. Stains are also a sign of a previous leak and should not be ignored.
It’s sagging. A depression in your roof could mean a larger issue, like structural damage from rot. Get this looked at right away as this condition can have significant impacts.

What To Look For In a New Roof
Home Style. Select a roof material and color that coordinates with your current exterior unless you also intend to repaint your home.
Material Options. These range from asphalt, wood, to cedar and more. Much will depend on the style of your home and the weather your home is subject to.
Layering. It used to be common to layer levels of roofing shingles and in some cases, this is still done. We recommend starting anew as you can really see what’s happening with your roof, rather than hiding issues under layers of materials.
Warranty. As with most investments, it’s always smart to understand what is covered under the warranty, and who provides the covered services. This is a good idea for any purchase, but especially when replacing a roof, as a timely response to a problem could make a big difference in the amount of damage incurred.

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