Signs Your Driveway Needs Some TLC

This hardworking feature often gets overlooked in a remodel. Since it’s used daily, if you notice cracking, sinking portions, a spalling or chipping surface, it’s likely time to replace your driveway. It’s often the first thing that others see and can allude to inaccurate expectations around how you care for your home.
So, instead of looking like a lackadaisical homeowner, here are some key takeaways of tackling this project:

  • Wait for dry weather – wet weather can cause the driveway to not cure correctly.
  • Wait a week for use – squelch the desire to use it right away. Let it completely dry before you use it for the first time.
  • Use rebar or mesh – A quality contractor will direct you this way, but it’s important to use something solid in your driveway, like rebar or mesh, to help the driveway keep its form.
  • Hire a professional – driveways are best completed by a professional with high standards for quality and construction. As with all home remodeling, don’t just choose anyone, read reviews and visit their past projects and ask questions.
  • Determine if there’s an issue that is causing the declination – drainage issues are the first thing that comes to mind when talking about poorly aging driveways. If standing water is an issue at your home, that’s the first thing we recommend you tackle before you go to the effort and expense of replacing.

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