Signs that Your Foundation May Be in Trouble

There are many things in a house that can go awhile without being addressed, but if you have roof or foundation issues, you have problems. Both are integral in ensuring the integrity of your home. Here are some signs a foundation issue may be at play:

Do you see gaps? Gaps between the floor and wall or wall and ceiling are indicative of foundation problems. If there are gaps above your kitchen cabinets or between the countertop and wall, this could indicate an overabundance of settling.

Are you noticing cracks? Cracks on the floor, moldings, sheetrock, brick, fireplace or even on the foundation itself, are great examples of foundation settling. Depending on how much or significant these cracks are, the larger your issue could be.

Have you noticed your cabinets won’t stay closed? If your cabinet doors are constantly open, or won’t close completely, you may have a foundation issue at play.
Doors or windows that won’t close. If you have a window that just won’t open or a door that won’t remain closed, these are prime examples of foundation problems that manifest less obvious ways.

Is your concrete chipping and cracking? As you walk around your home, if you notice the concrete of the foundation chipping or cracking, there’s a chance that it could be deteriorating, signally a problem with the initial mixture when poured or that there’s a moisture issue now.

Your foundation looks lower…or higher. If upon a visual exterior inspection you notice that your foundation is obviously lower or higher on one side than the other

Have you noticed moisture collecting? Moisture in the crawlspace can indicate an existing problem or one that will likely develop if not addressed.

A certain amount of settling is normal in a home, but if you are concerned about a foundation issue, you should have a professional evaluation as small issues can easily turn into larger ones. Know that fixing foundation issues can be expensive but are integral to ensuring your home and remodel will last many years into the future.

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