The Pros and Cons of a Primary Suite Washer & Dryer

We’re seeing more and more clients put a washer and dryer into their primary closet. Here’s a list of the pros and cons for this design choice if you’re considering it for your next primary suite remodel:


  • Simplifies the laundry process as you don’t need to carry laundry up and down stairs. Because it’s so handy, you may find your laundry has less wrinkles and that less ironing is needed.
  • It can be more efficient as you can pull something straight out of the dryer and immediately put it away right then. You’ll likely notice you can sit on the chair in your room instead of using it as a clothing storage space.
  • Saves the space in another area of your home you would otherwise be using for a laundry room, allowing you to reutilize it in whatever way you choose.
  • Venting is simple as most primary suites are on the second (or top) floor and venting through the attic to the roof is typically straightforward.
  • Generates heat in the primary suite offering power savings and a toasty feel for the immediate occupants. Ideal in the winter!


  • Uses valuable space that could otherwise be utilized for additional storage.
  • Can be noisy and disruptive, especially for light sleepers in the primary suite.
  • Could lead to water damage in your living quarters if the appropriate precautions aren’t taken.
  • Makes other family members come into your private living quarters to do laundry if a second laundry area isn’t available.
  • Increases the heat and humidity in your closet that could have an impact on other materials, including nearby clothing.
  • Can spread lint, which would be particularly annoying in any space, but definitely where other clothing is stored.

There’s no clear-cut answer on whether a washer and dryer in a primary suite is a right choice. Client and lifestyle preference will dictate whether this makes the cut in your primary suite remodel.

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