The Pros and Cons of a Single vs. Double Sink

If you’re pondering a kitchen remodel and trying to decide between a single or double sink, rest easy knowing there is no wrong choice. The decision really comes down to preference and how your family functions. Are you someone who immediately puts dishes in the dishwasher, or do you let them sit in the sink and wash once a day? How you answer that question might help you determine which version would be a better fit for you. Here are some other pros and cons that can help you work through which fits you best:

Single Sink (One Basin)

• Easily accommodates washing large items like roasting pans and baking dishes – and/or babies and fur babies!
• Easier to fit in kitchens with smaller footprints as more sizes are available
• May be less expensive to install
• If you love apron style sinks, most are found in a one bowl version
• Most functional for those that fill the dishwasher throughout the day
• Provides a more traditional look to a kitchen

• May use more water than a double sink because of the additional capacity
• Multi-tasking is harder with one bowl
• The garbage disposal is unavailable if the sink is already full

Single Sink (One Basin)

• Multi-tasking is easier with one sink for washing and one for rinsing
• May use less water than its single bowl counterpart
• The divider can support pots while you fill with them with water
• If you do dishes once a day, you can fill up one side of the sink while you’re still able to use the other

• Large dishes are harder to wash with the divider since the individual sink space is less
• Food particles can get stuck in the side without the disposal

Most materials are available in both single and double bowl options and both work with many different faucet choices. All installation methods work for both types as well – undermount, flush mount or drop-in. So, choose your favorite sink and move on to the next element decision of your kitchen remodel.

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