Top Kitchen Remodel Features

Embarking on a kitchen remodel is a significant financial undertaking, but it’s also a worthwhile investment in your quality of life and lifestyle. Cabinet replacement represents a significant part of the remodeling budget, and while the wood, color, and style of the cabinets depend on the client and their preferences, there are a few features we find our clients select regularly.

Soft close cabinets are a must-have in today’s remodels. Not only are they great for families with kids, they help with wear and tear on the wood. Custom storage solutions vary depending on needs, however, built-in spice racks, knife drawers, pull-outs, and pegged drawers for plates and bowls are great options for a busy household that needs a dedicated spot for everything while keeping items handy. Hidden cabinet compartments are the ideal place to house garbage and recycle receptacles to prevent these from detracting from your new aesthetic. Don’t forget to include slotted cabinets for cookie sheets and cutting boards. Coffee-loving clients may appreciate a dedicated coffee bar that includes all the fixings in one easy-to-reach spot. Those that prefer to have appliances handy without creating an eyesore should consider including an appliance garage in their kitchen design. Think about simple but powerful conveniences to include such as a pot filler or oven warming drawer. A layered lighting solution of task, ambient, and feature lighting is a key element in any remodel, but especially important in the kitchen. Undercabinet lighting helps with countertop tasks whereas canned lighting provides overall light for the space. Feature lighting highlights special dishes and décor. Finally, a sufficient pantry is the key to happiness in a kitchen remodel. If space allows, a serving or butler’s pantry will allow you to optimize prep and storage space while keeping the mess out of the sight of guests.

The options to include in a kitchen remodel are many, so we recommend giving considerable time and thought as to how you use your space now and how you’d like to use it after the remodel, and what makes the most sense for your unique lifestyle.

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