Why You Should Choose a Primary Suite Fireplace

A bedroom fireplace sounds so great now that winter has clearly settled in. While definitely a luxury, this primary bedroom feature can really make your day and night! Below are the reasons we think this feature should make your remodeling list:

It’s warm and cozy. Nothing says warm and cozy like pajamas, your favorite book, and a fire, all in the comfort of your bedroom. It can really elevate your master suite into a perfect year-round retreat.

It’s a cost-effective heating solution. Our pragmatic readers will appreciate that a primary suite fireplace is a cost-effective heating solution. Instead of raising the temperature of the whole house, focus your energy and money where you need it. With the darker evenings, many of us head to bed earlier than at other times of year and a fire is a great way to feel toasty and comfortable while drifting off to sleep.

It is a soft Interior lighting source. Want that cozy, warm feeling with just enough light to talk with your partner, or relax in bed without being totally in the dark? A bedroom fireplace might be the perfect solution.

Serves as a decorative feature. We all want our primary suite to be a relaxing oasis. A bedroom fireplace creates ambience and is a great focal point to decorate around.

Will add value. If you’re going to invest in your home, this is a good selling feature for the future. Also consider this as a back-up heating source in case of power outages.

We recommend a gas version for on-demand heat without the mess of carrying wood through the house or having to fuss to light it. Instead, it’s ready when you are at the flip of a switch.

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