Winter Basics

One of the most beneficial home maintenance tasks this month is just double-checking that your home is weather proofed and ready for what Mother Nature may throw at you.

The few days of snow in January underscored the need to check for leaky seals at doorways and windows and address any issues you noticed..

Did you worry about frozen pipes with the cold snap? If so, get those pipes insulated and ensure that you’re proactively addressing any needs before you travel this winter, such as leaving a slow drip in a faucet to keep water moving through.

Stock up on salt, kitty litter to improve the walkability of your sidewalks and front steps.

Check for ground water seepage in and around your home. Cracks in the foundation or concrete can offer easy entrance to water.

Check your filters. Your heater is likely running almost constantly, so the filter could be full of dust and dirt. If you notice that the filter needs changing, there’s no time like the present.

Stock food for possible power outages. Have a plan to cook outside or be able to provide sustenance without cooking.

Keep back-up batteries and functioning flashlights in case they’re needed.

If you come across winter clothes that are outdated or don’t fit quite right, don’t put them back in the closet, instead add them to your donation bin. This will help keep your house decluttered.

Finally, if you have a remodel on your mind, start talking to your favorite remodeler. Now is the time to start the conversation and get on the construction calendar.

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