Your Home is Screaming for a Deep Cleaning

Post holidays, there’s nothing that a house needs more than a deep cleaning. Once the decorations have been put away, before you put out your usual décor items, it may make sense to pause and give everything a good once over. Then, determine if you’d like to change up your aesthetic, or put things back as they were.

Since the kitchen likely took the brunt of your entertaining, consider:

  • The refrigerator – pull everything out and clean all the drawers, wipe up any spills and toss any seasonal foods and out of date items.
  • The oven – usually a haven for spills after the holiday season, if you have a self cleaning option, use that. If that doesn’t take care of it, consider scrubbing with baking soda and white vinegar. Not only are they both deodorizers, they’re great, non-toxic cleaners as well.
  • The microwave – splatters can get the best of us in a microwave. Give it a good scrub before reheating your favorite left-overs.
  • The pantry – take stock of what you have and are missing and reorganize for the new year. Our Design Matters article above, gives great tips if healthy eating is a 2019 goal.
  • The floors – during the holidays, even the most stringent of us sometimes give in on our no-shoes policy or get a little lax on where guests can eat. So, give all floor surfaces a good cleaning.
  • The counters – some of the patterns of the solid surface counter-tops can hide even the best stain and crumbs. We recommend taking everything off the counter-tops and giving the surfaces a fresh start. Use a proper cleaner, depending on the material. If you have granite, consider resealing the surface while you have everything removed.
  • The dishwasher – it may seems strange to clean the cleaner, but this heavy-used appliance needs a little love too. Empty food traps, remove the racks and give all surfaces a good wipe down to remove any food grime left behind. Replace the racks, and run a load or two with a full cup of vinegar to eliminate odors and give everything a fresh start.

Then, move on to the bathroom:

  • The toilet – especially after many guests, the toilet and surrounding floor, can be grimier than usual. Disinfect these areas with special attention to any cracks where unwanted liquids could remain.
  • Toiletries – it’s good to check stock of toiletry staples, like soap and toothbrushes. It’s nice to have these on hand, for when an unexpected guest shows up.
  • Linens – give towels and sheets a typical wash but consider putting in some vinegar as an odor eliminator during your regular cycle. Give them a once over before putting them away to be sure they meet your standards, if not, it may be time to shop for new ones.

Finally, consider giving the house a solid dusting, and declutter and clean out your vacuum since pine needles and other detritus has collected, making this work-horse less functional.

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