Laundering in Style

Few think of a laundry room as being their top room to remodel, yet laundry is a regular chore for us all. Having a nice space to clean our clothes, iron and otherwise organize our wardrobe is undervalued. Here’s what we recommend to create the most functional and beautiful laundry space:

  • Move the laundry room upstairs. It makes little sense to trek up and down stairs with clothes, bedding and towels, when most of the items will be put away in a few upstairs rooms.
  • Create lots of storage options. Truly, this room can really benefit from a folding counter, so you can easily fold clothes straight out of the dryer. A drying rack is also a must-have as there never seems to be enough space to hang dry clothes, but if you include one in your design, you can head off this challenge. The laundry room is also where most people store detergent, stain remover and many other household cleaners, so having enough storage to contain them and cleaning rags is a must. Lastly, it’s helpful to have a place to easily store and pull-out the ironing board. While it’s not something you use everyday, it’s nice to have one on hand – and a place to keep it out of sight when it’s not in use.
  • Laundry sink – have you tried to soak or scrub a stain out in a small sink or without one at all? Every laundry room worth its salt needs a deep laundry sink, perfect for getting out tough stains or hand-washing delicate items.
  • Low-maintenance flooring – we recommend a laminate or tile version. Both are great for easy cleaning and hardy for this commonly-used room.
  • Bright lighting – nothing makes you want to do laundry less than a dingy, dark space to complete this regular chore. If having a window in the space is possible, we think it’s nice to have natural daylight. If that’s not an option, a combination of can lights, under-cabinet lights and task lighting can really brighten up the space and keep your spirits up.

If you have other tips that would make your laundry room great? Email us at and we’d be happy to add them. In the meantime, check out some of our favorite laundry rooms here.

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