Keeping it Hot in the Bedroom

The ultimate luxuries available in a primary suite are many, but we’d argue a client favorite is a fireplace. While we’re fans of dual-sided designs – where one side faces the bedroom and the other offers warmth in the bathroom – any type of fireplace is a nice addition. The top reasons to consider an ensuite fireplace are:

  1. It’s romantic. Short of a Barry White tune, an ensuite fireplace can’t be beat for setting the mood with your partner. The flickering flames create a lovely ambiance for a good night.
  2. It’s warm. Especially in mid-winter, a drafty bedroom can be a rough way to head to bed. An in-room fireplace can take the chill off the air so that sleep can commence in comfort. Similarly, turning it on in the morning can help ease your entrance into the day. While fireplaces aren’t always the most cost-effective heating source, if you want heat in a specific space they may actually help save you money by not heating unnecessary areas.
  3. It’s relaxing. Jammies, a good book and a fireplace are a great way to wind down after a busy day. These things in the comfort of your own room? Absolute luxury!
  4. It’s visually appealing. If selling your home one day is part of your plan, an ensuite fireplace can be a great sales feature.

If you’d like to consider other great primary suite features, see a past article here.

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