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Noise Pollution – How to Combat it at Home

A home is not just a place to lay your head at night, it's also a refuge from a busy life; a place they connect with friends; and a point of pride. Sometimes though, extra noise can turn that refuge into an annoyance. If you’ve noticed or found yourself fed up with noisiness in your home, there are many ways to address the issue depending on where the problem originates from.
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Declutter the Garage

Decluttering the garage might seem like an activity that would be better in the winter, when the weather is poor. However, if you’re like most, you store much of your patio or deck furniture in your garage during the poor weather months, so trying to reduce the clutter is an impossible task. Instead, if you tackle this project during the summer months, there are less items in the way to get to the things that can be gifted or thrown away. Find out how to best tackle this daunting task.
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April Showers Bring…a Mess

April is a good time to check a few house items off your list.
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