Whole House Remodeling – How To Do it Right

Some clients that have completed a whole-house remodel may not have started with that goal at the project’s inception. Scope creep is common during remodels not because we’re looking to make more money, but because once a client starts to see the improvements, it’s hard to stop the progress. We educate you on the costs involved and the final decision is yours. Regardless of whether your goal is to remodel many rooms in your house simultaneously or just one, Sales Manager Mark Jensen will likely ask you the following questions at one of the first meetings:

  • What’s the architecture of your home? Do you like it? Will the changes you want to do in your home blend with the existing architecture? If you love a modern look, but have a traditional home, he may recommend additional changes to blend in the two different styles so that it looks intentional, rather than a hodge podge.
  • What is your goal with the remodel? This is key – answering this question thoroughly up front can really head off scope creep right at the beginning. If you’ve stated a specific goal and other remodeling requests come up, we can reference your original goal and make sure it’s something that will support your intent.
  • How are you currently using the space? Does it meet your needs? Similar to your goal, but slightly different, these questions will make sure we’re helping you create a space that really works for you and your family. If a small change would greatly improve your daily life, we think it’s an important part of your room design.
  • How long do you plan to be in the home? Are you remodeling for you or for resale? If you have a 3 to 5 year sell plan, you may want to be a little more generic in style to support a larger buying audience. If you intend to stay for quite some time, it makes perfect sense to remodel with a more personal intent.
  • What is your intended investment range? Are you educated in current costs of remodels? If not, we highly recommend checking out the cost vs. value report published annually by Remodeling Magazine. It’s a great place to review when setting your project expecations.

From a client perspective, nothing is worse than spending money on a space that you don’t love when you’re finished. From our perspective, remodeling a remodel is fraught with unknowns and possible client frustration. Instead, we prefer to work with our clients from the beginning to create the remodeled space they’re looking for and delight in exceeding their expectations and protecting their investment with our 10-year “Peace of Mind” limited warranty. If a residential remodel is on your horizon, consider us for your project, you won’t be disappointed.

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