Caffeinating in Style

The coffee garage

If you’re a coffee lover like our recent client, you may consider a coffee bar a must-have in your kitchen remodel. Along with a complete renovation of their kitchen and dining area, we were asked to create a space for their espresso machine and favorite mugs that wouldn’t create clutter. The answer was to include an appliance garage, complete with pullout shelf to house their prized caffeinator for easy access and use. When the cabinet is lifted, the machine is in view and available for use. When closed, it looks like any of the other cabinets in their beautifully redesigned Woodinville kitchen.

Countertop Nespresso

Similarly, these clients in Sammamish love their morning Nespresso and so they wanted a dedicated area to house the machine and its accoutrements. In this case the machine sits on the countertop, while above it we placed a shorter than typical cabinet to house their favorite mugs, cream and sugar receptables.  This maximizes the space, and the glass fronted cabinet above it mirrors the look of their other kitchen cabinets