Spring Outdoor Tasks

We’re in the home stretch. May showers eventually lead to that magical day of summer…July 5th. While Mother Nature is still working out her issues, now is the time to schedule these home maintenance activities:

  • House Painting – good painters book up fast. Now is the time to get a quote and get on someone’s schedule for the dry season. Call our office if you need a recommendation.
  • Gutter Cleaning – grab your ladder, shovel, and bucket and clean out your gutters when the weather allows. Dirt, leaves, and debris can impede water recession and potentially cause damage to the roof, siding, or windows.
  • Planting – if you love fruits and veggies straight from your garden now is the time to get planting. Pick up starts from your favorite local nursery.
  • Deck cleaning/staining – a little difficult now, soon we will have more consistently dry weather that will allow you to clean, strip and re-stain your deck if necessary. Replace any boards that have degraded with new ones.
  • Roof repair or replacement –If it’s time for just a repair or a whole new roof, spring, summer, and fall are good times to get this task scheduled.
  • Window washing – if you didn’t get this task done last month, now’s the time! Call your local window washer to get on their schedule.

Do you have another exterior home task you always tackle this month? Send it our way and we’ll include it in a future newsletter or blog post.

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